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Full Version: Chakan: the forever man
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Has anyone ever considered ripping sprites from Chakan?
I have - but this is a request more than a project - unless you plan to rip from it?
And the only reason I've not ripped from it is because I find ripping Megadrive games to be a chore...
(01-30-2011, 09:37 PM)Dazz Wrote: [ -> ]And the only reason I've not ripped from it is because I find ripping Megadrive games to be a chore...

This is the main reason I have yet to start, but yes, I have thought about it. Since the topic is raised, perhaps now is as good a time as any to investigate what I'd need to get it done right.
I can offer up a modified Gens Emulator I did some tinkering with to enable layer control and an additional layer put in to change it from just black to pink, making the black of the sprite not get lost?
Yes please. That works very well in conjunction with my ripping style (mostly screenshot ripping). Mind posting an explanation of changing the background color if it's anything more than a tab I just have to click? I'm not incredibly tech savvy.
Oh... Crap, just realised, I don't have it on my laptop. It's on my computer at home that I won't be at until March...

Maybe ask Yawa, Tonberry or Ultimecia, they should have it. Just send them a PM.

Also, it's easy to use - just a drop down menu with layers that you can remove and add.
Hang on, I just found this one that I just remembered I downloaded a while ago. Was it the K-mod? Because unless there's another version you've tinkered with, this one I can't figure out how to legitimately CHANGE the background color.
Yeah, I had K-Mod, and I added an additional layer of pink.
Is it under CPU/Debug/Layers? If it is, then my version is out of date and I need to snag it from one of the other guys.
I put it under the layer section, I believe. You won't have my version, as I've not publicly released it.
Well I'm playing the game and learning about it so I can see what I have to rip. The enemies have lots of simpler animations, but Chakan is so badass. So many weapons, and his sword has three spells for elemental damage. Plus he has a spell that makes him invisible, but not his weapons.. This is going to be an intensive, but fun ripping experience.
Perhaps discuss with Yawa, he may be able to tile rip it - I've never really done Genesis tile ripping.
Well Ton was able to send me what I needed, but it's so late now. Tomorrow I'll actually contribute something to this project and get the ball rolling.
I started to work on ripping some of it. I've never ripped anything myself before. I've been using screenshots from Fusion364. I'll put something in here as soon as I have anything worth it.
Let's get this off the ground with a final boss.

[Image: chakansectionicon.png]

[Image: tsricondeath.png]

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