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Full Version: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic
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These Tresemme ads and another one about skin care are annoying me GREATLY. I personally would like them removed. Bothering anyone else?

This is now the ad reporting topic. When reporting an ad, please include a screenshot of the offender, and a description of what it does so the admins can contact the ad network about it.
Is it the ad itself that bothers you, or the nature of how it drops down in your face? I hate those ads a lot, and the solution seems like it would be an ad-blocker, but ads generate revenue for websites, so... it's hard to completely shut ads away knowing it'd be financially unsound for the site you support. =/
Yeah, you need to submit a screenshot for ad removal. As the adverts are based on your location, I don't see all of them.
I see a HALO Legends ad.
The Halo one is a new one that's popping up. And the primary reason I want them removed is that I can't go to my other tabs because everytime I go up, it opens it and I can't click anything else until I close out the ad.

I'm supposed to add a picture? I'm sorry, I have NO clue how to do that.
Hit print screen (Print scrn) key on your computer, paste it into paint, save, upload, post.
I don't have this problem. Never have.

(I use Opera's adblock)
That's because Tyvon is a stingy capitalist dog! Very Sad<

... xD Jokes aside, that one is VERY, VERY annoying. Sure, it's something that was mildly interesting the first time, and honestly I actually did click it, but the nature of its design is solely for pissing you off. Look at where the close button is: upper right corner. If you so much as sweep across the banner for even a moment, the banner pops back out. And it's not a fast-moving ad either, it's framerate is slow, and on my laptop it actually slows my entire computer down with it. It's only a momentary thing, but I keep falling for the trap, and I sweep my mouse over it by accident and it pops right back out.

For the record, I just made it pop out while trying to check new messages. T_T
After I complained about an ad that messed up with the forum loading I never had any problem with any other ad again.

Take a screen of it, TomGuycott. Maybe somebody else have this same problem.
This is what I keep seeing. And TomGuy pretty much explained the other half.

EDIT:Nevermind. Can't upload. File too large and computer doesn't like image-hosting sites. :/
Save it on .jpg instead of .bmp, this usually helps
Alright. Thanks.
I'm afraid that people will need to live with these for a while, as we are in the middle of a advertising provider switching discussion - we'll have it sorted by next month though, so don't worry Smile
Alright. If it was like, ONE ad that appeared every once in awhile, I wouldn't mind, but it's the fact that it's pretty much EVERY PAGE. But since it'll be fixed, it's ok.
if you have a problem with ads just get a less shitty browser. not that hard
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