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Garvaran/Galbalan (Heavy WIP)
So I recently just finished playing Ys: The Oath in Felghana, (everyone play it, great game) and was just astounded at how epic the game was, right down to the bosses. None of which are more epic than the final boss, Galbalan; The Cruel Marauder from Far-off Lands.

So after finally beating that SoB, I decided to represent him in 2-D form by making a commemorative sprite of him. Note that he is very huge, so this will without a doubt be my largest work should I finish. I'm also planning on animating it too.

Anywho, some personal goals I set for myself for this project are that I'm going to disregard any sort of pallete size. I'm going to try to keep the colors simple yes, but There's a lot of different pieces and parts to Galbalan, and a simple pallette won't do.

At the moment, here's what I have done. Only the very lower part of his body, this is only like 20% of him so I've alot to do yet. I'm also a slower spriter than most because I take way too long paying attention to detail and real life catches up to me.

His main body is comprised of metal, and I'm none too comfortable with that. I haven't much experience doing metal and as a result the shading process will be far different. I also left the bottom part unshaded because its a concave surface and I need help in that department.

So yeah, any crits, help, and CC would be appreciated. It would be good to have the main body squared away before doing the animation. Smile

EDIT: buttfuck, transparency accidentally messed up the edges.
[Image: galbatail3921699349-iaza.gif]
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i am agree with you: epic final boss! Nice sprite, I will add it to my sprite collection. Thanks

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