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Sprite Project Rules and Guidelines (27/02/09)
Last updated: 05/09/10

I thought I'd better do this to avoid some problems. There were a lot of threads on Pixeltendo that weren't suitable for this board, so having some guidelines will help with this.

First of all, what is this board for? Sprite Projects is a board designed for mass sprite production; as in, multiple sheets, all around the same theme. Planning to make the entire cast of the Sonic series into a Street Fighter-esque style? Planning to turn characters from the Marvel comic books into Pokémon trainers? They would go here. Large Personal projects (i.e. work that you don't intend to sumbit to tSR upon completion) should go in Spriting and Pixel Art.

However, when you make a thread please:
- Check if that thread already exists. If you want to do a project in a common or popular style, chances are, there's already a thread for that. If the other thread is very old, and hasn't been updated recently, then it may be for the best if you make a new thread, but proceed with caution.

- Produce some sample work. When making a thread, post sprites and other material for the project within your post; as opposed to linking to an external website (It counts as advertising. Not good). This board is for projects THAT ARE ALREADY UP AND RUNNING. Projects with no material to show will be locked; but will reopen if the thread owner PMs an appropriate moderator with the material that should be in the thread.

- Don't request sprites, or expect others to help for nothing. Outside of the Requests board, requesting is against the rules. If your project is a thinly veiled request, asking other people to make a ton of sheets for you (or a request for any other service. Art, music, writers...), then not only will the thread be locked, you're likely to be warned, too. People will willingly help out if the project is interesting; but they're going to be more motivated if you do some work of your own.

- Be prepared to actually do some spriting. This board is for projects that involve you - the person making the thread - actually doing some spritework themselves. If you're an artist, a writer, or a programmer; that's cool, and all the power to ya. But your threads don't go here. Instead, look into the Fangames board, or the Requests board to get what you need. Threads in need of this (but otherwide fulfil all other criteria) will simply be moved to the correct board instead of locked. Count yourself lucky.

- Notify the status of your project. It's not a must, but it's useful if you say your project is open to all, a select team, or just yourself. It stops people from getting confused to whether you want the extra help or not. Putting the date or item of the last update in the thread heading is also a good idea.

These points may be amended or expanded upon in due course, so before you make a thread here, you might wanna check back here again to make sure everything still falls within the guidelines. Thank you for co-operating, and I wish you luck on your project!
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where can i find an empty one of these

i know iv seen it, but i cant seem to find it
is it somewhere obvious i overlooked?

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(09-29-2008, 02:07 AM)tredog777 Wrote: where can i find an empty one of these

i know iv seen it, but i cant seem to find it
is it somewhere obvious i overlooked?
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Thread was in need of updating due to recent changes in rules. Should alleviate confusion on where certain threads should go. (Basically, y'all have no excuses~)
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I need an icon. An empty one. For posting. TSR icon and TMR icon. Can't find 'em....
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Raed the thread.
茶 = Tea
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Whoops. OK.
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do you know how to rip sprites? and yes. I was born yesterday.
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