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I swear I've seen people use the attachment system in older sprite threads and at times it actually linked directly to the image as opposed to prompting a download dialogue

But aside from that, it seems weird how TSR didn't seem to mind attachments so much back then...
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(05-27-2014, 03:48 PM)Vipershark Wrote: Because attachments ARE allowed, just not in S&PA.

They're useful in the resource specific areas but we don't want them posted outside of that.
...which I'm pretty sure the rules state, but if not I'll make that edit.

Reposting this for the new page, just so nobody misses it.

Anyway I personally think what Sevenstitch said was fine (though on the fence) particularly considering the guy's reaction.
That's not really a discussion for the Suggestions thread, though.
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As has already been pointed out, the fact that attachments are enabled is intentional. In fact, not terribly long ago, they weren't. I enabled them myself. I'm not entirely sure why they were outlawed in the past but forcing uploads to external sites seems silly when the attachments work already. That being said, they definitely weren't working correctly before. I've since gone ahead and updated the option that determines how they display when inserted into a post to use the full-size image instead of a link or thumbnail. So, in the future, images can be attached directly and then inserted into the post via the button provided on the post form.

I'll need to amend the rules to make it clear that attachments are definitely allowed everywhere now and really should be encouraged (inserting into the post where necessary) since the posting of sheets (and other things) will no longer rely on third parties.
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This should probably be modified to prevent confusing new users.
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Actually you could probably cut out "ripping a bunch of things from one game, or" since we already have a dedicated subsection for ripping projects.
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So are we going to get a dedicated E3 board for all the new games that are goin to be announced during it?
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Can you guys add a secondary spoiler function that makes it so that any text between the tags gets turned black with a black background color so that you have to highlight it to read it? That makes it so you can spoiler just a few words out of a sentence without having to use the hide/show box and having it look
like this.

I really like the hide/show function because it's really useful but sometimes you don't need a whole box just to hide some text.
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Have a member-group dedicated to approving resources?
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We do already. It's not an arbitrary group anyone can join though. Our site staff is made up of carefully chosen members.
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(06-15-2014, 07:11 AM)Petie Wrote: We do already. It's not an arbitrary group anyone can join though. Our site staff is made up of carefully chosen members.

Ah, ok. Thanks Smile
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Miiverse button with the "Social Sites"?
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