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Bomberman Quest
A couple of years ago I managed to do something that I considered impossible. I searched far and low and found an emulator that was able to link Bomberman Quest into multiplayer.

I took screenshots of all the multiplayer arenas, after I closed the emulator it ceased working like it wouldn't link Bomberman Quest again. (Sorry for sounding like a creepypasta here)

The thing is, the emulator's screenshots are grainy completely unusable as sprites. I don't know anyway short of recreating them with sprites, only there's one arena that doesn't use any ingame assets.

So maybe some people are interested of finally seeing the multiplayer arenas of Bomberman Quest, it's such a great game but how many people realistically even ever even played the MP?
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Not sure what you mean by searching high and low - there are many emulators that support the Game Link Cable, the best one probably being no$gmb. Maybe try that one?
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