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Updating Chaos;Head Noah sprites
Hi! I noticed some sprites for the PC version of Chaos;Head Noah were missing. I ripped sprites from the steam version and also found they were higher resolution than the ones on spriters resource
How do I replace the current sprites with the ones in my rip? Also the files are very big, one character's sprites even adds up to 600 mb so I'm not sure about file size limits.
Thank you in advanced
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Hey there! Just a heads up, you're going to want to create a new game entry under the 'PC / Computer' category. The sprites currently on the site are from the Xbox 360 and shouldn't be updated (unless, of course, they're from the Xbox 360 version, which your sprites aren't).
applecuckoo - ripper of sounds, sprites and models

Places to get help:
DYKG/VG Resource Discord - This is where most of the ripping experts on the VG Resource hang out these days, so you should probably start here. Any requests to rip stuff (i.e. "Please rip sounds/models/sprites from game X!") are only allowed here as per the rules.

ResHax forum - Another forum that is home to most of the reverse engineers who were on the old ZenHax and XenTax forums. A great place to get help for any mysterious files.

And remember, always upload example files. That way, people don't have to dig in and fetch them for you.
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ah sorry, I didn't realize that the entry I was looking at was for the original chaos;head, not chaos;head noah

sure, I'll make a new game entry for that
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