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Spyro Skyboxes
Hello. I need help exporting the original spyro trilogy skyboxes to cubemap pngs.

There are various tools, such as SpyroEdit, Spyro World Viewer and Vertex Skybox Editor.
I know those are 3D Objects being painted on, but according to the Vertex Skybox Editor video announcement, you can simply export the object as a variety of files, FBX, OBJ and PNG (Both panorama and cubemap).
But each time I try to export the sample file from skye to png, the program freezes up for a moment, and then once it's unfrozen, it does nothing. I can hear my fan spin up a bit, so something is going on.
Just for clarity, I can save it as obj without issues.

I have found an imgur folder with some screenshots of the skyboxes, but those are incomplete and are basically useless on my use case.

With Spyro World Viewer I can't really do much. It's nice to have an OBJ and BMP file of the world, with the correct uv map, but in this case I'm looking for the skyboxes.

EDIT: Nevermind, i managed to do it myself.
I have to use ePSXe with the SpyroEdit plugin and then use Vertex Skybox Editor to save the cubemap/panorama png. For some reason the sample file doesn't want to save, but the file generated by SpyroEdit does save to png without any issue.

Once i'm done ripping out the skyboxes from the trilogy, I will update this message with a package with all skyboxes (both cubemap and panorama) from the first 3 games.
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