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Faceless model...!!
ahhh help!
i finally have a computer for myself, so ive decided to start doing mmd, i saw a cool tutorial showing i could use models resource for the mmd models, putting them on blender (the program...)
i was really aiming for doing some renruki animation, and luckily i found models for both renji and rukia. i extracted both models (it's from wii's bleach: versus crusade)
i took a look at the models and...for some odd reason, both renji and rukia's face disappeared, being only black. i thought it was only with them so i tried to download another character, from the same game (tried szayelaporro) and...same problem  Sad

i genuinely dont know what it is, and i appreciate some help, i'm still kinda new at this model thing  Ouch!

Renji model and Rukia model

edit: also i'm kind of a busy person due to high school, so if you reply and i take a bit too long, just letting you know
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Do you have a basic understanding on how the shading tab works in blender?

Click the face in layout mode (or select the face material) and go to the shading tab (at the top somewhere) and see if there is an orange box that says 'image texture'. If not, make sure a little box labeled 'use nodes' is checked. If there are still not an orange box, go to add, > texture > image texture. Press open on the orange box (you can do this if you already have an orange box) and locate your texture that you downloaded. It should be with the model you have downloaded. If you need more guidance, feel free to message me on discord so I can share my screen. Discord: rypie109 (same pfp)
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