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Babycake's Ripped Library Dumps
Hello. I'm posting this with the intent, that someone will be generous enough to make sprite sheets out of them and submit them to the site.

After being informed that all my submissions aren't up to a hidden standard it has come to our attention that this submission, as well as *all* of your other submissions that were previously accepted are all damaged due to the fact that you saved the sprite sheets as 256-colour images. Because of that, not only are colours lost due to said limitation, but all of their original transparencies and anti-aliasing is outright missing. 4 years on this site and all of a sudden how the sheet is made is suddenly important when there's nowhere, not even the submission page, that mentions this. As a result, i will be doing a library dump. One game per reply.

Edit: I've tried attaching game files. Limit of 50 per topic, limit of 25 to be upload, and a limit of 1.024 KB max size. Instead, i'll be linking the batch externally.
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I'll be uploading my games here:
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