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Ermm... What the hello?
Hi. I'm Matthew 'the Sludge' Solomon Square Massacre Jr. - Proud spender of too much money on metal sonic toys and general lover of really, really dumb shit. (amongst other things.)
Now, you might be wondering how i got so irresistible and perfect and chiseled- but, i think we should focus on what's really important- Funny pokemon games.
My buddy, alleged guyjohner "Waddleskele" is making a pokemon game that i provide the concepts for. (I've attached the most recent guy I've drawn for it!) so, Please, please check it out! Sometimes, when Waddleskele says things to me though, i really feel like hurting people, but that's okay, because pokemon is stronger than people. Genki ^_^  so, please look at our game or ill do something real, real drastic and then it'll your problem and it'll be a real mess, and i don't wanna deal with all that- so yknow, thank you for listening.

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stop acting like you know me i have no idea who you are dude  Rolleyes
[Image: 7z6q3y8.gif] [Image: uJ3Sh5z.gif] the bonetender welcomes you... to my website!  Rawr~  [Image: Hao1ZQA.gif][Image: 7z6q3y8.gif]
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