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RiBiBit! character line-up

It has been a long time since I used the forum. 

If you have known me on Discord since 2019, you might know about my original project called "RiBiBit!" (formerly "It's BiBi Time!"). The plot is very simple: Three animal friends disguise themselves as humans (aged between 8-12) to help solve other kids' problems. Sometimes, it will happen at the town they live in's local school where they are often stopped by a pair of bullies. I used to regularly post art about it until the channel I posted it on got archived and replaced with a channel with a thread-like format for reasons I don't remember.  

Over this past week, I redesigned and added new characters. Keep in mind that this is not the full cast and I will probably make more charas in the future. 

Imgur link
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Oh hi! It's been a long time! Haven't seen you in Discord in forever either!

The characters are super-cool! I'm really curious to see what you do with this going forward!
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Part 2 is finally out now!

Imgur link
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