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Chipper Fly
Hello everyone, I have created this thread to present you an old game that I developed actively in February 2022 (I only have spent 1 month), although the idea was originally created on New Year's Eve (December 31, 2019) I do not have any proof on my hands of the creation date because the first concept unfortunately was a .bmp pixel-art file that has been deleted long time ago, but I still remember that day very well.

The game is called Chipper Fly, the story tells that an ant also called Chipper Fly lost her family because she went to a portal and must return. She use a propeller to fly and uses nuts as a bullet. Of course, that's just a base and I have a deeper story to it, I'm still building it so nothing makes sense currently function. Finally it's time to get to the point, this game was created with the Game Maker 8.1 lite engine and of course I made it just by drag and drop, it is currently not ready and it is a Beta version, but actually at least the first level is playable, you can use the Notebook Information and also you can go to the Control Panel.

Here is Chipper Fly compressed (the beta game!): (file submitted February 25, 2022)

Chipper Fly is only available for Windows with x86/x64 architecture and the file inside the .ZIP folder must be Chipper Fly.EXE, readme.TXT and smalle.FON. You'll probably notice that you see a signature somewhere that doesn't match my current username, this is because I haven't touched the game resource and my old username remained there.
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