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Apologies for harassing Crispy Toast Karasz on the DYKG/VG Resource
I like to apologize for harassing Crispy Toast on the Discord Server, everyone. I know he doesn't want to be my friend anymore, but hey? I still like him anyway. God does want all of us to love our enemies, right? If only I could find a new best friend online to bond with (discord or not) who is a Gmodder and a Render Maker just like him but gives positive criticism to my art, but it's very hard to search for one in Discord, Deviantart and the rest of Social Media.
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I don't get it, if you like Crispy Toast, then why were you harassing him on Discord, DeviantArt, and other social media platforms? And maybe look for other art sharing sites if you want friends that'll give you positive criticisms....
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I don't bother going on the discord because honestly it's more chaos than its worth given that most people are really more on there for themselves besides the mods and admins on there.

If I'm being real with you however this isn't the place to be posting public apologies over your drama with other users. This should have been handled privately.
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