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Textures on Totk Link Model
I'm trying to get the Tears of the Kingdom Link Model to appear as it does in the preview on the download page. I particularly want to be able to load the non-glowing version of the model. I've tried changing the UV maps in Blender and opening the model in other programs without much luck. Am I just not using the right program or are there other settings I should be playing around with? I use these models as an art reference, so getting an answer for this would be a huge help _/\_ Thanks for your time!
Attached are the images of how the fbx model appears in Blender, each with the different UV maps

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Hi! Don't know if you already solved this. In any case, Blender works. You need to use the texture "Link_RaulSkin_Monyou_Gn5.png", which is the non-glowing version, paired with the second UV map.

On the parts where it overlays with the skin, set up a Mix Color node and plug "Link_RaulSkin_Alb.png" into the A, "Link_RaulSkin_Monyou_Gn5.png" into the B, and "Link_RaulSkin_Monyou_Gn5.png"'s alpha into the factor.

Hope it helps and good luck with your art!
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