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Is there anything you don't like that much but are super passionate about?
I personally don't enjoy the Cars franchise that much but I've had fun with the games, the movies are okay (including Cars 2, I don't think it's that bad) and I've especially grown an ironic enjoyment over Mater and I like to joke about it with my friends.

Just wonder if there's a certain franchise, movie or game you feel super passionate about but in actuality don't actually like that much. Just something you love talking about but don't exactly enjoy basically.
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I have been ripping models from Identity V. identity V is basically a more "family friendly" version of Dead by Daylight, meant mostly for mobile players.

In my time trying to rip models from this game I have become very fond of almost everything about it.

I like the aesthetic, I LOVE the hunter designs (survivors kinda eh mostly), I find the story kinda interesting, and the models have some pretty interesting textures that I find fun to try and figure out, like these funky anisotropy textures.

[Image: Pp_t7ydIJr716r2433FpDVA_5OzFJursuZ7AW_2E...ZsWd6sdTlc]

The issue is, being a DBD type game, it is an asymmetrical multiplayer game, and I just don't like competitive multiplayer enough to want to play it for myself...

So for the time being, I just watch other people play it.
Hey, I'm Jasper! I am an avid model ripper, I also like Splatoon and Vocaloid.

Currently ripping from: Project Sekai, Genshin Impact
[Image: Untitled.png]
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