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Shaders for COD: Ghosts
3D Modelling 
Hey all this my first time posting here so apologies in advance if I'm not following guidelines Shocked .

I have been extracting assets from COVery SadGhosts out of curiosity for a landscaped depicted there. So far it's been possible to extract meshes and colored textures to blender. With the world import plugin of Ninja Ripper everything is already in place more or less as it looks in the game (some parts of the map are missing and it seems to be because only some parts of the map are loaded on my memory and those are the ones ninjaripper is capturing). 
I'm having a hard time shading the whole thing and that's what this post is about. Ninja ripper's blender importer assigns texture maps to the objects already so that's a great help. The problem is that in most cases I dont really know how to connect them to my principled BSDF shader. for the purpose of opening up those questions I'll bring only one of the ojects as an example:

1- As it imports, there is one colored texture which sometimes only has to pass through a TRANSPARENT BSDF because it has an alpha channel:

attempt of a shader

2- next I can also see what I interpret as a specular or roughness map but it has an alpha channel, which in my ignorance I see as strange:

3- then there is this, no idea what that is:

4- Then an HDR with something that looks a bit like my scene:

5-Another HDR but with a pixel-looking grid:

6-finally what I think would be a displacement map, but a bit less blueish than what I found in google:

Here's my blender file with the shader connected as I could interpret everything:

I would appreaciate any advice from tutorials to more concrete comments on how everyting is connected in order to make my scene look the closest to how the game looks:

Thanks everyone for reading Smile
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