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Lego LotR Fetch Quests
After many tiring days of searching, I have finally found out how to find the Fetch Quest Voice Audio files in the 2012 Lego Game inspired by the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Sadly, I was unable to access said files (Inability to convert them to MP3 or WAV Format). If anyone could help me, I would be much appreciative.
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What format are these files in? Did you try using vgmstream/VGSC?
applecuckoo - ripper of sounds, sprites and models

Places to get help:
DYKG/VG Resource Discord - This is where most of the ripping experts on the VG Resource hang out these days, so you should probably start here. Any requests to rip stuff (i.e. "Please rip sounds/models/sprites from game X!") are only allowed here as per the rules.

ResHax forum - Another forum that is home to most of the reverse engineers who were on the old ZenHax and XenTax forums. A great place to get help for any mysterious files.

And remember, always upload example files. That way, people don't have to dig in and fetch them for you.
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