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Rabbids Go Home - Succesfully Extract Files from .BF (need help locating the SFX)
Hi, I did rip the music, voicelines (in all languages) and other sounds from the game, I found a script made by an user on github named RetingencyPlan who made the "" script which works with a multitude of games made by ubisoft and managed to extract and convert all the audio files in the "RGH.wii.sns" file, if you wanna do this, for this you're gonna need a couple of programs, those being:

  1. Dolphin Emulator (You can extract the .BF files by going to properties of the game and filesystem, u have to get the ISO of the game first)
  2. QuickBMS (to use the .bms script to extract the files from the game)
  3. Video Game Sound Converter (program made by puggsoy, you use this to convert the .sns files to audible .wav files)

So after extracting and converting everything... unfortunately the only thing that I couldn't find are the sound effects for the game like:
  • Shopping Cart (Wheels, Drifting, Super Boost, etc.)
  • Object sounds (Collecting, Breaking, etc.)
  • All the UI elements sounds (Menu SFX like Confirm, Select, Back, Pause, Next Page, etc.)
  • Player Rabbids voicelines that are heard in game (Idle and Running Anim, Bwah attack, Cannonball rabbid, etc.)
  • NPC and Verminators sounds (Foley effects in general)

I did find the ambience noises from the cities and such but that's kinda it, I don't know where all those SFX could be located which are the main thing I was looking for in the game, some of the rabbids voicelines are present in the SNS file but so many of them are still missing.
I'm not an expert with this kind of stuff... at all but I did check all the 6805 .sns files contained in the  "RGH.wii.sns" file, converted them to WAV and listened to them one by one (I wish I was joking) in search of those UI sound effects, I had to check the main "RGH.BF" to try and figure it out but I couldn't find how are these sounds referred to in the game files as or where could they possibly be located...

I hope this could be of help but if I could receive some help with finding those it would be so awesome, have a good one!
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