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How do I rip audio from Strangers of Paradise or Nioh 2?
I recently got into these kinds of games from Team Ninja, and apparently, other of their titles like Dissidia NT, Ninja Gaiden, and the Dead or Alive series all seem to be running on the same engine (as far as I can tell and from what little info there is online).

I'm mainly more interested in Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins as it's been a really fun ride. Unfortunately, the modding scene for this game is practically non-existent apart from all the "Special K" performance fixes but it's come to my attention that the same tools that work for Nioh 2 work on this game as well.

I'm not a big modder myself, but I've delved into audio and voices for Soulcalibur VI so I was hoping to be able to do something for this game... or, at the very least, provide an archive on sounds-resource. But the thing is, I can't for the life of me find anything. I wouldn't even know where to start. All the mods I've come across for these games come down to textures, model replacements, gameplay changes, nudity, and the like. I have yet to find anything that actually messes around with audio and that has me concerned.

Would anyone have any idea?

Thanks in advance!
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