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Ripping Assests From An Old Mobile Game
I was wondering if anyone could help me with something I'm trying to do. Or if they're willing, do it for me with pay.
I'm trying to get the art, backgrounds, characters etc. from a set of old and current mobile games.

They're the Voltage Inc. otome games. I really only want them for curiosity and archiving purposes like updating the wiki to the fullest extent.
I still have such a love for the game and am playing them legit but like I said for the purpose of archiving, I wanna get all the art from the game.
I'd already downloaded the apks and used and apk extractor to get the files but after that I'm very lost. Whatever's in the assest folder I can't see as it doesn't have a file type at all. If anyone could please walk me through this or is willing to do this for me please let me know.

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