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Illbleed 3d Model Ripping (Dreamcast)
Hello! I'm trying to rip assets from the videogame illbleed for the Sega Dreamcast.

I've managed to at least preview some of the audiofiles with ADXutils, and I've managed to rip most of the rigged 3d charactersmodels under the .nj file extension with Noesis.

Problem is, I also really need other models too, like the buildings you see in the overworld and the props in all the stages, like the phone that rings if you get too close to it.  Really just anything that's not a character model. I did notice that some of the .nj files wont open in Noesis, they are files that dont follow the same file naming scheme as most of the NJ model files. (one example is EFBAKU.NJ)

In the GDI of Illbleed, I found the following file extensions:

.ADX - Audio Files
.AFS  - Audio Files
.BGM - UNKNOWN (Audio files?)
.CGM - These seem to be Graphics files, but whenever I open them in IRFANVIEW it gives me a white image.
.DAT - UNKNOWN (probably text files with very specific uses, doubt they are useful here)
.DRV - System Audio Drivers. Not useful here.
.EVE -  UNKNOWN (Audio Files?)
.MEB - UNKNOWN (possibly "PRO100 3D Interior Catalog Element")
.MLT - UNKNOWN (Audio files?)
.NJ - Rigged 3D models - Use with Noesis
.OSB - " One shot banks", may contain audio files, possible ripping guide here:
.PKCS Description(?):
.PVR - PowerVR Image - I followed the extract guide for these here, but either I did something wrong, or it just didn't work:
.SFD - Dreamcast Movie File?

Can anyone more experienced with Dreamcast asset ripping point out what some of these file extensions are, and possibly point out how to extract other 3D models?

I'll try to write some guide after this, and upload all the models I can to the site.
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