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[Tutorial] How to extract Megaman Legacy Collection 2 password protected "disc" file!
I've been looking through i lot of guides here and all of the modding ones were done without the knowledge of the "disc" password, since it's basically a zip file that you can edit but not extract. But now, i've finally found a way to actually extract the disc file, and even rearchive it passwordless, and still works with the game!

the tool that will be used is made by "xttl" from the XeNTaX forum website.

WARNING : this will not work with a modded disc file, make sure the disc file is fresh. if you modded you disc file without a backup, just reinstall the game.

Step 1: Download Link

Download this tool:

Step 2: Extraction Process

Extract the zip file, then make a folder next the tool's exe called "discExtracted"
next, open cmd in the folder, and type in this command:

miniunz -s mmlc2pass.bin -x disc -d .\discExtracted

press enter, and let the magic happen.

Step 3: Rearchiving

If you want to rearchive the data, simply use any archiving tool like winrar or 7zip, and select all the folders in the "dataExtracted" folder (you can use Ctrl+A or just highlight all the folders), then add to archive as a zip file, and name it ""
After it's done, remove the ".zip" from the filename, and now you have a password free disc file! you can freely explore, mod and extract the file without any hassle.

Happy modding! Cool Cool

side notes:
- the rearchived disc file is 357 mb lighter than the original one!
- the way megaman 9 is used is so clever, i finally got to know how they managed to make the music "react" to the sound effects.
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