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Tips for working at a gamestop
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I really wanna get to know the people at my gamestop because i want to work at it 
+ getting old cut outs of famous video game characters like Mario or Mario
Not a forever job but it's the one i want right now  Ninja
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To put it short, working in a GameStop isn't going to be the dream job that you want. I know that you're young and working at a gaming store sounds cool but really when you get older, you realise that it's not all what it seems.

Firstly just because you know the people at your local doesn't mean that you'll get the job. You would have to apply for a job then go through what is called a job interview and only then, the boss decides whether you get the job or not. Having a resume will help but usually you need some experience at retail and qualifications (a diploma) first. If you're 14, they won't let you work due to labor laws so you have to wait another 4 years minimum to work there.

If you do somehow manage to get a job there, there's a few things to know:
  • Expect people asking for console pre-orders. People just come in and ask for PS5s but by the time that you'll work there, it'll be the latest Nintendo console. People might get angry if they don't get their console and there's nothing you can do if there's none in stock.
  • Expect management to try to push selling toys especially Funko Pops rather than games. A few of those make more money than one copy of the latest Zelda game. I've seen stores with shelves full of Funko Pops, from gaming and film/music to pop culture stores (the likes where they sell comic and anime merch), even a few in supermarkets. I know in the past, GameStop used to push their Game Informer magazine subscriptions to people.
  • Expect management to push cover/warranty when it comes to consoles that makes sense and yes, games where in most cases it doesn't. It's a policy and yes, the customer doesn't want their Switch cartridge getting protection for extra money but you're more or less pushed to do it.
  • Again management will push you to get people to sign up towards a saving subscription plan. PowerUp Rewards I think it's called?
  • Depending on store, they might also expect you to push towards selling a second hand game rather than new out of making more profit. (Unless the customer wants an used game because it's cheaper) Believe it or not, the likes of GameStop and retail do not get much money out of new games. This is also one reason why digital downloads are a thing.
  • As an employee, you will get some sort of discount so that'll be a bonus.
  • You have to be careful regarding the latest games including midnight launches. You'll get the game in stock before it comes out but the gaming companies do not want the game to be sold until that date. Some stores do sell early copies on the sly but that's risky as people lost their jobs over this. Yet... Sometimes there might be problems getting the stock and might not come in on the day. Expect angry people especially those who have pre-ordered. It can range from the latest Zelda game or Madden 24 all the way to a Persona game or something more obscure like a collector's edition of a NISA game. Oh and if there are any pre-order codes, make sure that you give them. Plus there's that risk that someone will steal a copy of a game even if it's just the cover.
  • Some people who come in will make it more challenging. They might be disabled who need extra help or might not be able to understand what's going off so you would have to be more patient. Then there are unsavory people who are really angry and might attack you.
  • You might even get situations where you have to clean up. Yep, that does happen in the retail world.
  • For store promotional items, the company expect those to be binned once the promotion is up. You might get the cardboard cutout of Mario if you're lucky, but you probably won't.
  • By the time you work there, the regulars who work there might have left and the new people who work there don't want you to be there. Working in retail is very cutthroat and can be very brutal. Whether it's from higher up management all the way to the other employees who work there. People have left their dream jobs due to the other staff working there making them a misery while others left because they want to go up the ladder.

Most importantly if you want to work there, you have to think. 4 years+ is a long time and things can change. If you do get to work there, even with what I've mentioned make sure that you'll enjoy it. I've seen employees who worked at gaming stores last quite a while because they enjoy their job.
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