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Trying to save old models from a game in my youth
Seems like this site isn't the most active with comments, so I'll check back when i get the influx of motivation again! I might be the biggest fan of this game on the west side of the world

Back in 2018 I had download a game called Hatsune Miku: Dreamy Vocal, a pretty basic rhythm game produced by tencent! If anything I'd say it was similar to the much loved Project Sekai of today. You can still find archival downloads of it, and the site is even still working today! Occassionally I'll see someone talking about it, or I'll be reminded of how special it was to me. Some people have a handful of costumes for mmd download , but i was hoping for a few more. I had a feeling some people have resorted to remaking some costumes from scratch for their mmd projects and or Project diva mods. So somewhere out there, someone has these models that I desperately want... 

I played it nonstop all throughout high school, and had small recordings of my pulls uploaded to my instagram story. Then, disaster struck, Early 2020 the game had shut down, the servers going down killing the game. You can open in, but you can't start it or anything. You get greeted with "unable to connect to the server, try again." Bummer for me, since it seems like ninja ripper uses what on the screen for ripping, not so much the whole file. I heard if you turn an apk into a .zip and unzip it you should find the assets! But I'm not sure how to do that  Cry. I even saw a post of someone saying what they were looking for in another game just didnt exist unless they were very hidden, or didnt get installed until their game opened. If that's the case with mine as well I'd be bummed. I have a version on my old phone that *has been opened and played*, but I'm not sure if that means anything. Especially since it's apple and not android. 

I have pictures of some of the costumes but I had the bright idea to use amino so my quality is shot (I was 15!! gimmie a break!! lol!). You can find loads of them on youtube but that blue band around them really ticks me off. Since im already trying to do this I might as well get all of the costumes cleaned up. 
If they're all archived.. what am i looking for? 
Like most gacha based rhythm games there are low drop costumes, and those ones are rare, and you can upgrade them to give them a higher point multiplier. When upgraded the costume would change slightly. I'm looking to find all the unupgraded versions of these costumes. There's one that comes to mind where the trained and untrained seem to be flipped. Ref Trained Untrained. I want to make sure all of the versions of these costumes are saved somewhere. 
When upgrading costumes it unlocks short stories for them, I'd also like to see those again! 

Tl;Dr. I'd like to find a way to extract the models and textures from a shut down Chinese game.
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