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The Wonderful World of Japanese SNES Games!
Oh, hi! Alefy here.
You know, I think my two favorite consoles are probably the SNES and the GBA. I usually love to scroll down their respective TSR pages and look for new games I haven't heard about. But there is something that has always fascinated me since I was a child, Japan only games. Japanese only SNES games are absolutely a huge joy to experience, especially as apparently the SNES had a bigger life span in Japan when compared to other countries.

So... let's take a look at some of my favorite Japan-only SNES games, shall we?

Alice no Paint Adventure
[Image: 11602.png?updated=1631748241]
Point and click games on the Super Nintendo are not very common, but this game begs to differ. It seems like it is some kind of continuation of the original Disney movie where you give color to the world. There's also two additional modes, one that tells the story of the original movie, and a Mario-Paint-like painting mode. Ah, there is also a bunch of minigames to try.  Wink 

Snoopy Concert
[Image: 11382.png?updated=1624651997] 
Another point and click game, huh? But this one is very different from the previous game. In this game, instead of controlling Snoopy directly, you control that yellow bird friend of him. You can use him to guide Snoopy around the map. This one has many game modes, like one where you get to the finish line and an open world detective mystery mode, for example.

[Image: 12060.png?updated=1644860897] 
The thing is that I really like this game, but I couldn't ever play it. Like, I don't know Japanese, but as a kid, I would really love just to explore the different environments and talk to the interesting characters. The graphics look absolutely gorgeous for a SNES game, and the soundtrack is very memorable. It is apparently a dating sim game, which is a genre I personally like. It features a very cozy pre-2000s anime vibe.
 Wrecking Crew 98
[Image: 1268.png?updated=1460947284] 
This is a sequel to the NES game. It features a very different gameplay loop compared to the previous game. It's a little weird to explain, but I really like it and it involves a lot of strategy and planning. This game also features a SNES port of the NES game as a bonus, which is something I've never seen being done before.

Popeye: Tale of the Sea Hag
[Image: 4046.png?updated=1460947476] 
This one is a kinda similar to that Flintstones game. You roll a dice, move on a board map and move into different levels. The graphics really capture the feeling of the cartoon, and it is definitely a game you should check out if you like retro platformers.

Do Re Mi Fantasy: Milon no Doki Doki Daibouken
[Image: 4618.png?updated=1487967561] 
Another platformer I really love! This game is gorgeous! I really love the cartoonish theme, and the soundtrack is unique and fun! The backgrounds are charming and the npcs are very expressive and charismatic!

Best Farmer Shuukaku-Sai
[Image: 559.png?updated=1460947237] 
This one is not for everyone. It plays more like an arcade game where you have to defeat your opponents and farm the required amount of vegetables. It is still a very fun party game to play with your friends on your spare time!

Tokimeki no Memorial
[Image: 8446.png?updated=1537707513] 
A visual novel. Unfortunately this one I haven't played that much because of the language barrier, but it is still one of the most unique story driven games on the console. You should check this game out if you like text games like Ace Attorney and DDLC.

A Ressha de Ikou 3
[Image: 32834-AIII_S.V._-_A_Ressha_de_Ikou_3_Sup...085364.png]
This is apparently a very interesting game for me. You build thigs and manage vehicles, kinda like OpenTTD. It is one of the most complex tycoon games you will ever find on an Super Famicon. Unfortunately, I couldn't play this one that much due to the language barrier again, but if you like management games and know Japanese, you could give this game a try.

And this is the end of my list. I have included only the games I have played at least once. There is much more amazing Super Famicon games you should check out! Hopefully at least one of these games could be interesting for you. Japan only SNES games are a whole new world for me! If I ever find out some more interesting games, I might add them here. 
Also, if you have any Japanese games you would like to share, feel free to add them here on the replies.
Ah, and hopefully you could understand my English, I really struggle with it, and this is one of the reasons my game descriptions were so short.
This was Alefy San, and I see you on the next... thread? comment? I dunno!  Embarassed
Just a random dude. I really love programming in C! Hopefully I can publish a game someday! Sometimes I like to rip Super Nintendo games too!
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