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I need help loading SSMU Models
Hello Everyone.

New to the whole 3D models thing and am completely lost on how to get things running. I've spent the last two days scowling the internet for assistance on how to do this with little to no help. I have been able to get blender up and running and import the FBX/DAE files, but every time the face is missing or the eye portion is blacked out. My goal is to pose the models from this franchise and the pokemon games for 3D printing. At the very least I'd like to be able to get a single expression to start with as a head sculpt.

I believe the face is usually messed up because all the mesh files for the different expressions are overlapping, in which case how do I just select one without any issues? additionally, I believe the black part of the face is from the texture file possibly not being mapped correctly on my end. I even downloaded some add-ons I saw in videos named CAT and MMD? not sure what they do, but they don't help with the black portion issue. In my trials, I have been using the young link model.

If anyone can DM or reply to this post with some solutions I'd be eternally grateful.

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