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My Sheet Was Stolen
Hello, this is Frekay Planet and today I want to share you some serious news that I found on YouTube.

So back in 2020 during the infamous Covid-19 pandemic, I created a custom Super Mario Kart styled Dry Bones on TSR and then a Youtuber known as Angel Toress121 uploaded a Video Titled “Mario Kart Wii - Dry Dry Ruins (Super Mario Kart Soundfont)” and the thumbnail shows that my Sprite was used in the video but no Credit has been found. And I tried to tell the user about it on YouTube but the user kept deleting them. The Video was uploaded back in 2020 but I found it today. So yeah my sheet got stolen and I am not happy of what I just found. Sad 

If you see any more of my Custom Sheets/Rips being used without credit, please let me know in this forum.
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That always sucks. You can try reporting the video and seeing if that leads to some action, but I won't guarantee that'll do much.
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