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Need help extracting .BumV2 format from Story of Seasons games
this appears to be a nearly very unique model format used by marvelous/xseed, as in scouring the internet, i was only able to find a couple of obscure niche games that seemed to use a similar format

a dead japanese only anroid/ios app by FuRyu, who oftens partners with Xseed called "To LOVE-Ru Darkness: Gravure Chance"
and a marveloous game called "Senran Kagura" 

but even the noesis .bum scripts I found for those games on those old threads, don't work for the marvelous story of seasons fomt and story of seasons awl games
and it turns out, this is because those older games used the Bumv1 format, I've recently disocvered story of seasons uses the updated BumV2 format

if it helps, sos awl has an extremely simple model inside of it a simple debug cube in that format that should be a really simple example of the format

is there anyone who might be willing to help understand or is interested in help reverse engineer/rip this very unique model format?

from the little bit of digging I've made into it, I wonder if this format shares a lot in common with other marvelous games as a whole, as the little I've of no more heroes for instance also strikes me as oddly familiar file structure

If this format can be cracked, it can maybe be cracked not just for story of seasons, but maybe Marvelous Games as a whole?
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