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Looking for people interested in a NSMB mod
Hey, I'm currently working on a NSMB rom hack called Lava Super Mario Bros with a small team (3 members, only 1 active atm being me).
I'm a level designer, I code custom enemies/platforms and do some custom models. As of now we're looking for a graphic designer that can create custom NSMB tilesets, 
backgrounds (in NSMB style, but you can mix it with your own; I can explain it in more detail later after the application) and a 
composer (probably mostly remixes). As you can guess it's going to be volcanic themed mixed with another theme.

Here is the link to the thread:
lsmb thread

And there are a few more sneak-peeks attached to this thread.

Also some things I have done before working on this rom hack:
NSMB stuff Video

If you're interested write an email to
Tell us, why you are interested, with what you want to help (composer, graphic designer), showcase us some of your art (the more similiar it is to the NSMB style the better), additional information (whether or not you have worked on rom hacks before, etc.). Smile

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