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Billy's Skills
Remember Planet 51? Yeah, that's a movie that exists. They made a game of it, somehow. And it runs on Unreal Engine. (The PS3 version at least, which is where these models were ripped from)


I fixed up the normals on them as in Umodel and Blender previews, they were weird.

Getting away from them now, it's basically standard at this point. Cars.
We have 3 versions of Chick Hicks

The one from Cars for GameCube, and both variants from Cars Race O-Rama for Wii

Fun fact, Race-O-Rama reuses the regular model from Cars 1 for Wii, only real difference here is the added channel packed roughness/specular texture. There are small differences in the body textures and the tire colors don't change between alternates, but they are basically identical.
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We have more Cars (what a surprise)
It's the regional car characters, Emma, Giovanni, Gudmund, Koji, and Otto from Mater-National Championship (PC)

Them being the reason they call it Mater-National (Other than marketing Mater on the box despite it not really being about him)

Speaking of Mater...

This is both forms of him.

The trouble I had with what to do with some of these textures. I found many were in the characters' folders but weren't actually used in game, I figured I'd still include them as the devs were likely on a time crunch and couldn't code them in gameplay.
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Cars, what a surprise

These time it's the pit crew forklifts from Race-O-Rama (Wii)


In order from left to right: Not Chuck, MotorCo, HTB, and Doc Hudson Academy

They're playable in the Guido Kart mode, which has elements similar to Mario Kart such as powerup boxes.

After that we have the Modified Lightning McQueen, the final Lightning form unlocked who appears on the cover art.

Weirdly he has 8 tires, 2 fused each side

After that we have Ramone from Cars Lightning League (Mobile)

It was a hard time getting most of the characters in this game other than Lightning and Mater. But I found a version of the game's APK to get Ramone and all other characters.

Alright, that's enough Cars.
Let's look at the Able Sisters

This is the trophy from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.
I thought they'd be great trophy addition after getting all the Pikmin trophies.
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Most of the characters from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe are up, I just sent fixes to a few of them.

I fixed Batman, Scorpion, Sub- Zero, and Superman.

The current submissions have no rigging, the original unpacked textures and LOTS of junk images that aren't parts of the models. And they also happen to have low poly models in game so I've submitted those as well.

And I've went to send the remaining characters currently not uploaded.
We got Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Liu Kang, Lex Luthor and Captain Marven (AKA Shazam).

I figured out how to fix their textures myself (thanks Texture Remix) and I'll get through fixing more of the characters already up.
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