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The Great Yoshi's Island Cleanup
Let's be honest: For a favourite of many, Yoshi's Island seems to be rather neglected. In particular, it infamously has got two general enemy sheets as well as three general sprites and the result is disorganisation (can't easily find what one is searching) as well as incomplete rips (e.g. the !- and animated egg blocks are lacking their deactivated states in GS1).

I decided to list all sprites in these sheets so we know what has got a replacement (down to links to sheets) and what hasn't got.

Various Enemies 1:
*Name not known to me

Various Enemies 2:
  • Boo Guy: n/a
  • Shy Guy: n/a
  • Crazee Dayzee: n/a
  • Sniffit: n/a
  • Nipper Plant: Naval Piranha
  • Spear and Shield: Spear Guy
  • Snowman: n/a
  • Flopsy Fish: n/a
  • Red Toadie: n/a
  • Stilt Guy: n/a
  • Clowdaddy: n/a
  • Tap-Tap: n/a
  • Lava Bubble: n/a
  • Ghost Guy with Mace: n/a
  • Fat Guy: n/a
  • Mufti Guy: n/a
  • Bumpty: n/a
  • Yellow Piranha Head: n/a
  • Eggo-Dill: n/a
  • Bandit: n/a
  • Hot Lips: n/a
  • Blowhard: n/a

Edit: General sprites were all merged together into a single file which is why the current list has been removed and replaced into a different one:
General Sprites:
  • Down Right Arrow: n/a
  • Log Seesaw: n/a
  • Arrow Cloud: n/a
  • ?-Bucket: n/a
  • Flippers: n/a
  • Stars: n/a
  • Ski Lift: n/a
  • GOAL!: n/a
  • Checkerboard Platforms: n/a
  • Lava: Castle (Brick) Tileset
  • Info Box: n/a
  • Donut Lift: n/a
  • Floating Rock: n/a
  • Spinning Log: n/a
  • Spiked Egg Platforms: n/a
  • Bandit Minigame Balloon: n/a
  • !-block: n/a
  • Animated Egg Blocks: n/a
  • ?-cloud: n/a
  • 1up: n/a
  • Acid Drop: Prince Froggy
  • Melon: n/a
  • Slot Machine Melon: n/a
  • !-switch: n/a
  • Big Key: n/a
  • POW Block: n/a
  • Rubble Baby Mario: n/a
  • Small Flower (from goal): n/a
  • 100% Clear Star: Title & Overworld
  • Bandit Minigame Canon Platform: n/a

  • Chomp Warning Sign: Chain Chomp
  • Arrow Lift: n/a
  • Numbered Platform Without Number: n/a
  • Needlenose
  • Spring Balls: n/a
  • Slot Machine 7 and Star: n/a
  • Rotate Switch: n/a
  • Wooden Logs: n/a
  • Cork: n/a

Also infamous were the backgrounds ripped by Nemica who created them using screenshots and as a result often ended up being incomplete (cut off), have a wrong size (particularly too wide) or start at the wrong location. Thanks to the particular effort of Barack Obama as well as me to a lesser extend, many of them were replaced to at least updated to proper rips.

Note that these sheets are subject to revisions so the above list could have all the sprites which have been removed since then.
Thanked by: Barack Obama
Maybe you already want to claim some stuff? For me, I want to do this:

- Flower Seed & Big Flower
- ?-cloud
- !-switch and !-blocks
- info block
- all objects with arrows
- spinning logs
- coins
- flippers
- bucket

Except the flower (which has a really long animation), these are all quick rips.
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I actually have already prepared the sunflower (I mentioned that in my own thread), I just need to build the animation which will take a while.

I'm also in the process of ripping the keyhole animation when you beat a x-8 level. I also want to put all the powerups (e.g. star, melon) in a single sheet.
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Good to know, I crossed out the sunflower from my list.
Is the keyhole animation even rippable? I remember it being a hardware effect in Super Mario World, which looks different every time you try to capture it.

I guess I make a general object sheet with things that are not power ups. I post the progress in this thread once I have enough.
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It's indeed windowing, though IMO it still makes sense to put it into a PNG. Besides, it also comes with a background and that one should be ripped as well.
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I was thinking about it and I guess there might be too much confusion if two people rip object stuff from the same game at once like it was with the backgrounds.
I will continue to erase objects/enemies from the trash sheets to give everybody a better overview about what needs to be ripped, but otherwise I will stick with the background section and submit the rest of my stuff. After this is done, I'm going back to Dual Orb II.
Pretty sure this game is in good hands now =)

I also throw some reference sites in: (note: the ripper threw level tiles, SFX and regular objects on one sheet and most enemies are not separated) (lots of quality and trash sprite sheets grabbed from wherever) (shows where to encounter certain sprites in which level)

Things found in only one stage of the game:
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I think the following sections are cool now:

- Playable Characters
- Bosses
- Stages
- Backgrounds
- Foregrounds

A few tilesets are missing, but the most work will be enemies and misc. Also added tiles and palette to the Poochy sheet.
And as I said, to avoid conflicting submissions, I will work on a different game. Also because my motivation doesn't allow me to work too much on a single game. I need variety or else my motivation / ripping speed decreases dramatically, especiall when sheets get really big and the sprites are too scattered throughout the game.
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Cleaned up the introduction sheet and spontaneously re-ripped the abduction scene after you lose a life, since it was a really quick one.
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