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Help opening models from an old PC game
The last week I have been trying to rip the assets from a old PC game (Yume, 2005, Freak Frog Games). The files were easy to extract from the disk image, and all of there were en easy to read formats (png for images, wav for audio, plain text config for the levels and other settings), except for the models.

The models are binary files with the extension .mdl. I can't open them with blender nor with every model viewer I have found. The extension is the same that is use by Hal-Life's models, but the format isn't the same.

I have even contacted the original artist of the game and he says that the models were made in Softimage (a versiĆ³n before it was bought by Autodesk), but I wasen't able to open it neiter with Softimage 2015 (the last version) nor with Softimage 3.7. That may be my fault as I have never use softimage before.

I have opened some of the files with hex editors and this is what I have found:
  • the files always starts with the string "model" followed by a two digit number (19 and 18 in the files that I have opened)
  • The file is is almost all garbage text after that, but there are some readable strings later on. They are what appear to be bones names ("bone", "hand", "head"); names of, probably, pieces of the model ("sphere10", "cylinder2", "camera"); and file names (I think they are the textures, as are .jpg and .tga)

I have running out of options. Anybody knows what are this files, how to open them and/or how to convert them into a format readable by moder 3D software?

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: If you are interested on seen the files by yourself I can send you one. Ask my by PM if that the case
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