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Is there a policy on links to external resources in submissions?
I include a readme file in my model submissions to guide users who may need help understanding what's what (e.g. which texture is the metallic map and which is the gloss map). I've recently found that I made a faulty assumption with a thing or three and now need to update all those readmes. This is going to take some time (which I'll use to also make other updates to the submissions), and I'd rather not have to do it again if I find another error in the future.

So, I want to instead have most of the readme be replaced with "go to this link for my general advice on this game's models", which I can keep up-to-date without requiring mod intervention. Would this be a problem? I can understand that the mods might not want submissions to have links in them because they're unpolicable. Would it be okay if the link was to a reputable site such as TheCuttingRoomFloor, or to a thread in these forums? (Which forum would such a thread belong in?)
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You're pretty much right on the money. One issue is certainly the lack of being able to moderate that content but it's actually not the biggest one. My main concern would be that at some point, someone will come along, find that readme, and go looking for a link that no longer exists. That said, I'm definitely not against you keeping a resource up to date separate from the submissions and linking to it but the only place that would really work would be here on the forum (I wouldn't even say the wiki would be a safe bet at the moment). If you want to make a thread in the main Models Resource section that you can refer to, that's fine since I can be sure the content I manage isn't going anywhere.

FYI, feel free to use multiple threads if doing so makes sense or one if you would prefer keeping it all in one place. As long as it's somewhere on the forum, I have no issues with this plan. Just don't link off-site please (though if you need to refer to something on TCRF or the like in the thread, that's okay but it would be preferable to keep everything self-contained if possible).

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