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Does anyone know where this old Doomguy Mega Man sprite edit originally came from?
Strange request I know, but does anyone happen know the source of these megaman-doomguy sprite edits? 

[Image: tzsdppY.png]

I'm basically trying to source and credit stuff I used a long time ago. These edits would have originated from some sprite sheet in the early 2000s. To make matters more confusing is that I remember me and someone else circa 2004 or so made extra frames, but we used the same colors and style of the original sprite edit. I don't remember if these were the additional frames or from the original edit. I no longer have that sprite sheet. But all the sprites looked pretty much like these 3.

Places that I recall the original edit appearing include the Planet of the Imps sprite comic, and a sprite comic where sephiroth was a teacher and a bunch of the students were MegaMan sprite edits (I don't remember what that sprite comic was called either, or if it was even archived anywhere).


This is a separate request and this one is even more unlikely to be sourced, but may as well throw it in.

[Image: NxzKEEf.png]

Does anyone know where this gun-like sprite may have been cropped from? It'd something else I had cut out back in the early 00s, but I don't know what from. Probably a MegaMan or Sonic game but I didn't see anything in those sheets that jumped out.


Anyways if you happen to know the source of these please let me know. I'd really appreciate it!
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After some more digging around on the Planet of the Imps archived pages it appears that the footer in this page shows that the megaman doom guy sprites were made by someone named Magic_Man, and that they were on psyguy.com circa 2002ish. I haven't been able to find the sprite sheet itself on the wayback machine archived pages of psyguy.com, but that's one mystery kinda solved at least.
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