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An overdue goodbye and a weird glitch I've been experiencing.
Hello everyone, you may know me as the guy who used to pump out those MS Paint Mario Maker character sheets with Smash Bros. movesets and what not.

You may have noticed that I've been largely inactive on here in the past few years with my last sheet being made on Late 2021 over a joke with Omori, it's mainly because I honestly got really tired of doing Mario Maker styled characters constantly and my Pokemon sprites aren't really all that good looking back it now but at least getting the former used by big youtubers is a positive in a weird sort of way?
For now I mainly aspire to do my own styled sprites of my own characters or those in other styles namely those of Power Bomberman, Super Smash Bros. Crusade or my own weird looking style.
The mods may have noticed that I've been "logged in" but for some strange reason the website thinks I'm logged in when I'm actually not and I don't know what's causing the glitch but I hope any of you can find a solution to this so I can truly leave which is likely going to be permanent unless I make a one time return to post a large project that involves a sadistic pig king.
Well anyways, goodbye to you all and thank you all for supporting young me's poorly aged sheets and immature personality.
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See ya, my lovelies
You can contact me at
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