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Why are my sheets always gets rejected!?!?
Someone, please tell why my rejected sprites are not the quality standards for the Custom / Edited section. Ouch!
 The staff of this place hates my great pixel art work.  Cry Cry Cry

 Please reply imminently!  Very Sad

My sprites:

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There is a simple reason why they were rejected and will keep getting rejected, they just aren't good enough and not the sprites that people would want to use or look. The customs section is the hardest section of the entire site. To you they might be great but most people will just see it as crap.

Take the question block, the box is not even consistent in terms of its shape. The question mark isn't centered and I don't even know what the rest of the sprites are supposed to be... If it is suppose to be from a Mario game, where are the power ups to go with them? The flags are also inconsistent (yet wouldn't look too out of place on some of the stuff that I've ripped from...)

The submarine looks like the best out of the three but at minimum, it could do with more poses like the exhaust and the engine. Actually your little bonus could be the basis of something, it doesn't look too bad. Still tSR wouldn't submit it because it doesn't come from an existing game. Yet it doesn't stop you making a game based on the idea just for fun.

As an example, tSR are looking for customs that either come from a game (usually Mario & Sonic tend to be the top picks) or come from a license (movie/cartoon/anime/comic) that have a game but usually fit into an existing sprite style. They would have to have plenty of animation poses, roughly on par with the rips. The shading has to be appealing and if using a style, has to be as close as it can so it can fit in fitting with the limitations if there are any but at the same time doesn't look like a simple edit job. No wonder your 3 sheets are rejected...

Some advice, don't rush into things. Firstly just forget the idea of submitting to tSR and instead just focus on pixel art. Show what you've have done and LISTEN to their feedback. Since forums are old and barely active (most of the active members who use the forums tend to be older), you'll have much better luck on Discord. Keep trying and soon enough, you'll make something and hopefully make something that the staff will approve but judging by your skills, you have a long way to go.

Also the staff don't hate you to my knowledge but will get annoyed for the way that you're acting.
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Wow. Thanks for all of that advice! I'll do more practice with pixel art.  Smile Content
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