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So, what got you into digital art and 3d modeling?
I've got into digital art after playing several 2d game.
From a time it was fun, until I got discouraged to continue since I laked resources to get better shading skills, then I moved one.

As for 3D modeling, I enjoyed several 3D games and thought that would interesting trying my own 3D models.

At first I tried to make Hilda from the series of same name, but it never got right and that's when I moved on to make Little Lulu that things started to go the way which I wanted.

I even made a thread about my projects, but it's getting dust since no one seems to care, but it happens...
I'm not even sure if they would accepted in the site, so I have no courage to try submit.

Anyway, how about you guys?

What made you interested in digital art and 3d modeling?
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In all honesty, I can't remember exactly how I became interested in pixel art (sprites, backgrounds). We're literally taking about 16 years or so ago. Only things that it can be traced back were playing games via emulation, modern gaming at the time (the PS2 and its monopoly, yes people didn't really take to the Gamecube back then) caused me to lose interest and went a bit more retro, messing about with RPG Maker and lurking on SMS Power where their front page shows a random sprite thinking of a way to contribute online. There wasn't many friendly sites back then especially when it came to gaming and was more on the technical side of thinking rather than playing games online or trash talking about them yet... not smart enough to actually do the technical side (hacking, disassembly, making your own games, deep research that TCRF does, etc). When I first started online, the big places in terms of gaming were the likes of Digital Press and its heavily American Generation X focus where people played on NES games, the likes of YouTube for gaming wasn't even a thing and even the non-Sonic Sega focused places were just starting that wasn't SMS Power. Tried to contribute to The Shy Guy Kingdom when N-finity was still alive but since I had no reply, tried here (when it was Pixeltendo) and that's how I started sprite ripping using MEKA. As a note, already lurked on ninsprites in the past so was aware of sprites anyway and up to the formation of modern day tSR stuck on that side of Pixeltendo as the rest to be frankly, was a typical forum of the mid 2000s where people were on the edge and the tSR section was a bit friendlier.

Yet, it wasn't just ripping sprites but also tried to do some creativity with worse results.

For anyone who is curious, I used to do hoaxes on Sonic Vegemite. A website that is long gone and its closure was before many members who come here were born. Most of the work is now lost but what I did do was try to imagine a downgraded version, carefully using assets for something that never happened, edits, or just a sprite/background swap e.g. Woody Woodpecker skiing down Ice Cap Zone. Ones that I can remember were redoing Mirage Road from Sonic Rush into a possible Master System version with the system limitations (palette, screen size, even possible flicker), SG-1000 Sonic 1, Spring Yard on the Master System, having Sonic in Tails Adventure and Sonic & Mighty character select in Sonic Advance 3.

I did try to do some sprites but my lack of skill regarding art in general meant that they were awful. Even the edits were lousy. Outside of the hoaxes, very few public examples exist of my "talent" and the rest are backed up on old hard drives. You're talking to someone who can't even draw a circle!

So that's why I stuck to ripping sprites and not making them, not even that good doing that...

As for modelling, it doesn't really appeal to me. Don't mind me wrong, I actually like 3D CG in terms of both games and animation but doing the model is far too technical for me.

(08-02-2022, 02:14 AM)KirbyDreamLand Wrote: I even made a thread about my projects, but it's getting dust since no one seems to care, but it happens...
I'm not even sure if they would accepted in the site, so I have no courage to try submit.

Regarding the lack of interest. Little Lulu nowadays is very obscure, probably along the lines of say Casper the Friendly Ghost or even Betty Boop and Betty Boop was really popular 90 years ago. She might have had a bit of a resurgence in Brazil but that's about it, the fandom is fairly small these days (a majority of people wouldn't know who she is without researching). Anime/manga has overtaken much western work in terms of popularity and even American comics/animation tends to be the bigger names (e.g. Marvel/DC, Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse, Spongebob, TMNT) leaving the B-tier popularity characters losing its fandom, only exist as a meme (The Flintstones, Inspector Gadget) or ones who kept out of the limelight for decades to be forgotten over time. Most Hanna-Barbara cartoons outside of Scooby-Doo and Tom & Jerry are more or less forgotten these days outside of the Flintstones memes and Top Cat having a fan base in Mexico (and the UK to a much smaller extent but it's shrinking due to the recent movies). The Simpsons also has lost its popularity over time despite still ongoing as it doesn't fit very well with the times trying to keep up but not understanding why. It's not your fault, it's just how things are.
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Since my high school years (2009 -2013), where I spend my time on the computer making 8-bit sprites on MS Paint.  Cool
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