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[Paid Comm] Unity Humanoid Animations?
Hey there! I've only posted one commission before that but it went swimmingly so hopefully this works too!

I have in my possession an open source fork of Unity's AssetStudio thing for Genshin Impact, and I have a collection of BLK files which work fine and have AnimationClips/Animators that can be extracted without issue.

However, a large portion of the models seem to use "humanoid animation" whatever that is, which the AssetStudio can't seem to extract, as only cloth is animated, with the model remaining in a T-pose.

I'm willing to pay any bounty requested (within reason) on a monthly basis to the talented individual who can assist me in getting these animations, and I'm flexible on the method as long as its not Blender. (3ds Max, Maya, Noesis, etc)

Various resources can be provided, shoot me a PM and I hope business goes swimmingly Smile
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