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Issues extracting voice files
Hello! I've been trying to export the voice files for Drakengard 2 (US) for some time now, but its format has been giving me trouble. The files are in a .BIN type format that I just can't seem to get open using 7-Zip or anywhere else. I'm guessing it's likely a Cavia issue, as I've heard the company was notorious for its wonky file extensions, but given that the voice files for the first Drakengard have been uploaded here, I'm praying it's not completely impossible! Admittedly, I'm very new to the process of ripping game files, so any advice would be appreciated. 

When I try to boot it up, every program says about the same thing: "File/Extension type unsupported". 7-Zip is a tad different, saying "Cannot open file as archive", yet even so... I've tried converting it to ISO which works, but still am met with the same results. Could I be doing something wrong? If I can give any more information about the situation, please let me know and I'll see what I can do! Hell, I'm more than willing to just share the file with someone if I can't get it open myself, but that's a last resort more than anything. I'd really like to extract these files. For any help and advice you're willing to give me, thank you!  Heart

Update: Great news, I figured out how to get the voice files extracted! The answer was surprisingly close all along, I'm really happy to be sending this out!
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