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Models ripped by Djvu/Driscoll, it means me!
I learned how to rip games made on Unity, and I am ripping models of Sonic Forces Speed Battle and ben 10: wrath of psychobos. I hope so you enjoy and use this models for fair use.
List of models:

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle (with lod included, but not rigging due i dunno how to get the rig of the characcters)

  • Sir Lancelot
[Image: all_hail_shadow.png]
  • Infinite
[Image: like_this_machine.png]
  • Egg Pawn
[Image: tototototo.png]
  • Fore not more spoilers, Omega, Reaper Metal Sonic, sonic (werehog) will be coming, is on pending, just wait!
more models coming soon!

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.zip   Sir (Size: 498.19 KB / Downloads: 11)
.zip (Size: 472.96 KB / Downloads: 7)
.zip   Egg (Size: 1,005.94 KB / Downloads: 8)
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My first ripping models of Unreal Engine:

You want Sonic Forces Speed Battle 3D Models, but you received models of a gruesome game with bad critics of Metacritic. The reason that I decided to rip models of Saw the video game is two reasons:
  • Jigsaw 3D model ripped, but used commercially:

When I want to get Jigsaw 3D model, I found some on Deviantart, but what caught my attention is a model found on Turbosquid. It is supposed that when you get a 3D model of a game, you must use for fair use and not commercially.

Link of the model: 
  • I will make a Saw Game based on a Youtuber when I reach 100.000 subscribers on YouTube:
When I reach 100.000 subscribers, I want to make a Saw Game, because I played all my childhood, well not the original game, i mean the Saw Games of Inkagames(dot)com. I dont want to say what Youtuber will make his game. But I will leave you a hint, rhyme with FER - NAN - FLOO.

Dont worry if you want Chaos, Eggman and Gamma. Now It on process for now. Coming soon you can download david tapp, amanda young and jigsaw.
Due the limit to upload files to this forum.

have a nice day! Smile

  • David Tapp
[Image: le_digo_nena_como_tu_ya_no_hay.png]

  • Amanda Young

[Image: the_love_the_way_you_lie.png]
  • Jigsaw

[Image: me_compro_disney.png]
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