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Models ripped by Djvu/Driscoll, it means me!
I learned how to rip games made on Unity, and I am ripping models of Sonic Forces Speed Battle and ben 10: wrath of psychobos. I hope so you enjoy and use this models for fair use.
List of models:

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle (with lod included, but not rigging due i dunno how to get the rig of the characcters)

  • Sir Lancelot
[Image: all_hail_shadow.png]
  • Infinite
[Image: like_this_machine.png]
  • Egg Pawn
[Image: tototototo.png]
  • Fore not more spoilers, Omega, Reaper Metal Sonic, sonic (werehog) will be coming, is on pending, just wait!
more models coming soon!

Attached Files
.zip   Sir (Size: 498.19 KB / Downloads: 68)
.zip (Size: 472.96 KB / Downloads: 56)
.zip   Egg (Size: 1,005.94 KB / Downloads: 58)
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