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Kirby RPG: Return of Dark Matter (Need help!)
Kirby RPG: Return of Dark Matter
When the lord of Dark returns to Dreamland once more, will Kirby be able to reunite with his allies and even his foes and finally defeat the cursed evil that has plagued the galaxy for eons?!

So... hi!
That description is a bit dramatic, but it helps set the tone for this fangame of mine. As the title states, this is a RPG with Kirby characters. Based upon the Mario & Luigi games, this provides a fun twist on a generic RPG format with unique mechanics such as inhaling and using copy abilities in battle. As it stands now, this game is merely a concept for the most part. I have VERY basic programming for it done in Game Maker Studio 2, but like I said it is very basic. Standard movement and animation, pretty much. I've had this concept for years, and the entire story is pretty much done, it's just bringing it to life that is the real challenge. I love this idea, and I've always wanted to make it a reality, but I truly need help to bring it anywhere near where I wish for it to be. If you want to help work on the game, here are the following things I need:
  • Programmers
  • Sprite Artists
  • Composers
  • Writers
Pretty much everything!

This game is going to be made using sprites ripped and/or based upon Kirby Super Star Ultra. While I'm decently experienced at sprite art myself, the style of this game is quite literally impossible for me myself to replicate. Every time I've tried it's looked.. Well, terrible. Making sprites for this game would mean making more sprites for the main 4, Kirby, Bandana Dee, Meta Knight and Dedede, plus sprites for characters who are either brand new or don't have sprites in Kirby Super Star Ultra already.
This game will feature remixes from plenty of Kirby games. Some of these include: Kirby's Dreamland 3, Kirby Super Star, Kirby Planet Robobot, Kirby Triple Deluxe, etc. New tracks might also be made as well, but most will be a remix of a previous song or a combination of songs from other games.
This is by far the easiest to cover. Most of the story is in place, so writing should be decently easy. All I ask is that you keep it in character and don't add in your own headcanons. I will also be expecting good grammar, so please, if you work for this project don't type liboke thuisk.
This part stinks. I'm sorry, but I really don't have any money to give out. I don't expect many if anyone to take this offer already, but this is definitely the nail in the coffin. And look, this is by no means disrespectful towards anyone's hard work and labor when it comes to any field, I respect anyone who can do any of the things I need well, I just simply am not in a situation financially right now where I can give money to members. Please understand.
Aside from that, if you are interested in the game and want to hear more, or might even want to JOIN this project, please contact me on Discord (Sharrel704#1070) or on Twitter (@sharrel704.) Though, I would definitely prefer Discord...
For anyone who has read this far, thank you. Even if you think this is a bad idea, still, thanks for taking your time to read through this giant mess. If I have anything in the future to say about this project, I will reply to this post.
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Added you on Discord. Will also DM you here.
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[Image: unknown.png]
Here's a new logo for the project! Since this post we got some new members, including:
- Jazzy (Programmer)
- Takamaru (Programmer)
- Nixter (Composer)
Despite this, we still really need help regarding mainly music and sprite art. If anyone out there is willing to help, please DM me!
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