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Hello again!
If you don't already know me, I'm a pixel artist who does character sprites(mostly inspired by platformers like Mario) and also, I attempt to make games here and there. Haven't been too successful with that yet, but it's always been fun trying it. I've been learning to draw too.

You probably know me for my (infamous?) sprite-sheets over on the main site back when I wasn't really all that great at pixel art, but I was just making sprites in a raw attempt to get better at it lol    I've improved a lot, and one day I wanna get back to doing those sprite-sheets, but better hopefully.

I'm technically not a newcomer at all, but since my last proper post on the forums was literally over half a decade ago, I thought I'd do this anyway to also talk about why I decided to come back.

Which brings us to this mini wall of text

I'm pretty sure everyone knows most communities like this have moved over to Discord, Twitter and other inherently fleeting websites. And while I mostly enjoyed my time there(mainly Discord)... I kind of stopped enjoying it and grew tired of being in large chat rooms with a bunch of people I don't know or even get a chance to know, where conversations can progress so fast it feels like a Quake deathmatch in text form- you can hardly put any time or thought into what you want to say, and worse off it's pretty linear, so if a conversation you liked went by while you were away, you can't really add to it without it being awkward. So you just talk about whatever comes your way.

And it also seems to attract people that uhh... aren't very fun to hang around. I'll just put it that way. Seriously, my time even in communities I moderated just got worse as the old people left and new people came. The new folks aren't bad people, but it feels like everyone I started to really enjoy being around, just left, and all the fun discussions vanished with them! I hope I don't sound like a bitter old man lol

I don't wanna make this a super long post, even though I probably will anyway lol   So I'll just skip further(because I also have a LOT to say about Twitter) and just say... I kind of want to go back whatever we had before. I took forums for granted- compared to the Twitters and Discords of the world, they encouraged so much more meaning in each post you make, you could look at and add to discussions you wanted to, and you could really see a person's personality in just the way they post and talk. Even better, things were archived properly in most cases and less likely to have missing context(mostly a problem concerning Twitter).

On those other websites, sometimes if feels like discussions have boiled down to people just saying bits of what they saw in a 20 minute video about the subject, and people's reaction to art(both mine and others) just being "Wow nice!" or "fix this". Overall people trying to be nothing more than just "correct" about everything; The personal part is being lost... possibly because there's no time for or room for it anymore!

I'm not saying I'm the savior of forums or anything like that- I couldn't possibly do that, and I know this place isn't and will never be what it used to be. The people have changed, the internet has changed, the world has changed. But it's not that I can't let go of the past, it's just there's not much of a present to hold on to if everything changes and moves so quick.

I'm fully aware that I've had bad times here and I myself wasn't always fun to be around. But as I matured, it's is one of the reasons I hoped I could come back and be better overall at interacting with anyone who's left here. I just want one more chance at possibly restoring that meaningful experience on the internet, since I've felt a huge hole in the internet since I've left forums. I hope we have fun here despite how quiet things have become.
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