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Slime Rancher Slime Science Resources
Slime Science Resources

                                Drill Resources

Jellystone: Drill anywhere (preferably the ranch) (common)

Slime Fossil: Drill anywhere (preferably the ranch) (uncommon)

Strange Diamond: Drill anywhere? (Preferably the ranch) (rare)

Indogonium: Drill in The Indigo Quarry (uncommon?)

Glass Shard: Drill in The Glass Desert (common)

                              Pump Resources

Primordy Oil: Pump anywhere (preferably the ranch) (common)

Spiral Steam: Pump anywhere (preferably the ranch) (uncommon)

Lava Dust: Pump anywhere (preferably the ranch) (rare)

Deep Brine: Pump in The Dry Reef (common)

Silky Sand: Pump in The Glass Desert (common)

                            Apiary Resources

Buzz Wax: Apiary anywhere (preferably the ranch) (common)

Hexacomb: Apiary anywhere (preferably the ranch) (uncommon)

Royal Jelly: Apiary anywhere (preferably the ranch) (rare)

Wild Honey: Apiary in The Moss Blanket (common)

Pepper Jam: Apiary in The Glass Desert (common)

                           Hope this is helpful!
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