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Paid Request: Extracting Graphics, Music & Sounds from Pokemon Card GB 2
Hi there, folks. I'm looking to create a project that needs the assets from Pokemon TCG's Japan-exclusice sequel, Pokemon Card GB 2: Here Comes Great Rocket. I don't quite know how to extract the sprites, sounds and music from here efficiently (really, I don't know how to do the latter two at all), so I'm willing to pay to get some assistance with this!

What I know I need:
All character overworld sprites
All overworld tilesets, including animations
All card battle graphics (move animations, PKMN Power animations, all that jazz)
All game sounds
All game music

Please let me know if you can help me out. I'd be very appreciative. Thank you!
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I can help you with this, just pm me so we can talk about how much it would cost.
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Ripping SRW Alpha 1
Ripping SRW Alpha Gaiden
Ripping SRW Alpha 3 
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