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Mario kart mii outfit + vehicles rips
I'll be posting all mario kart 8 model rips here . 
 The model pack contains the link, sonic, and fox mii outfits :  mk wii models (

[Image: 1j3u3qas1fffxp0]

Character drivers :
  Dk, Bowser and Link download :
(removed after false claims .)

The models come in dae and pmx for blender and mikumikudance . If there's a mii outfit people want . Just let me know . Otherwise, Ill post characters and stages . (Flip the textures upside down and save them to fix incorrect uv map issues .)

(Update 1/28/2022 )
(removed after false claims .)
 Vehicle links -
 n64 train : 
Trolley :

(update 1/29/2022)
All future switch model packs will be posted here :
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