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tools you will need for 3d /2d ripping + download
This bundle folder contains most programs you will need to rip 3d assets:

 The folder is 1.15 gb so just be aware. The folder contains the following programs -
 3d ripper ( A injector for ripping 3d games.)
 A collection of 3ds tools -
 Kurimu ( A tool to rip non bch models )
 ohanah rebirth + newer editions (A model viewer that can export models from bch and some other formats if it's supported .)
yata++ (Primary is used for converting 3ds bch images and bcrstm audio.)
Zelda gar tool (exports Zelda oot 3ds models) Zelda zar tool (exports majoras mask 3ds models)
 Aes key finder (This tool finds aes keys from the unreal engine game shipping.exe file)
 asset studio ( This to scans uasset files to export unity models in the fbx format.)

Brets tools-
Read the [README] What are these tools for [INFO].txt for full details included in the folder.
Bleach ps4 bsr tool ( This program dumps models from the bsr files. But, I don't think it exports models with bones.)
 cpk tool (This just extracts assets from cpk files.)
Disney adventure tool ( Drag an drop Disney adventure OVS file on the Disney .exe to extract the model and assets .)

ds tools-
 mkds last, and tinke (Both export ds models.)

Fate grand neosis script (exports fate grand oder models )

Gujian 2 blender scripts (I think this script imports Gujian 1 and 2 models.  I haven't tested it yet so I'm not sure how this works.)

 Midi tools-
 This includes vgmtrans, gba  mus , and a n64 midi ripper tool. 
The mmd - mmm stuff is for mikumikudance users who want to do motion capture easilly.

motion smoother just smooths animation files converted to vmd . 

Neoeisis is a must have. But, I added some extra scripts . For the mmd users as well some I found for other programs. 

Ninja riper 1.7.1 , 2.04, and 2.05 (are tools to rip 3d models mainly with direct x programs tho, open gl can work. But, direct x 9 seems to work the best for most games. From what I tested .)

Ps1 tools-
 jpsex dec (decodes videos and audio from ps1 games.)

 psx prev (This tool is suppose to make ripping ps1 models alot easier. Though, the project seems to have been cancelled .)

 RareView (This tool views models from xbe roms of rare games to exports 3d models. )

rpg mv decrpter (This rips assets from rpg mv coded games.)

solatorobo tools (This tool exports 3d models compiled from the ccs files found in Solatorobo .)

Ninunpack ( This tool decompiles nin files so ohnana can view the models.)

 Studio ccs ( This is not like Solatorobo ccs tool. Studio ccs exports cyber connect 2 ccs files . This works mostly on the .hack// ps2 , .hack// psp, .hack// versus, and .hack// last recode. Models do not export with bones.)

Switch tools-
 Only the pokemon games are supported.

umodel (This tool exports unreal engine assets .)

Smashtools (these tools exports smash bros 3ds assets .)

Lastly, rpa extract : RPA Extract by iwanPlays (
 Extracts assets from rpa files . By dragging the rpa files onto the rpa extractor tool.
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