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Arkanoid DS: Graphics ripping
Hi, new user here.
I've been tinkering a lot with the Arkanoid DS rom in the past few days, in order to extract the backgrounds used in the game.
Combining Tinke and TiledGGD, I managed to extract the entire Backgrounds Library from the file DATA00.DAT, but with some limitations, them being:

- The files are cramped up in one big image and each bg is very small in size.
- The bgs are all monochromatic.

I'm able to resize and restore the majority of the quality for each background, but some of them are very complex colored so almost impossible to restore them to their original state.
Is there a way to be able to integrate the backgrounds with the corresponding color palette files, in order to "regenerate" the original backgrounds?

I'll leave attached one of the backgrounds I extracted, refiltered to improve its quality.

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