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I am moving on too.
Hello everyone. Kold-Virus, aka Tabuu or however you want to call me.

It's been a great almost 10 years since I joined the VGR community. I'd been browsing models, sounds, etc even before then!

I'm announcing that I'm retiring from the community. I feel I spend too much time here, mostly for nothing. Not because the forums are dead, but because I want to put my checkered past behind me once and for all. This community has seen me through various lows caused by hurt and mental illness, and those who know me know what I mean. Those who don't, I'm not revisiting that trash so ask around Tongue

Thanks to Dazz, Petie, RTB and the mods for their great work keeping TVGR going all these years. In the beginning I was having an amazing time. I'm sorry to leave like this but I think it's for the best. But I grew apart from this forum, and general community, and decided to distance myself from it especially since I've left the Discord server.

If you wanna stay in touch with me, I'm on:

DA (@Korudo-Creature)
GameJolt (@TabuuForteAkugun)
Twitter (@SmashBrosFeud)
Discord: @Sodaficionado#8247)

I WILL continue to browse models and sounds for stuff I can use in SSBF. But as of tomorrow I'll no longer be part of the actual community. This means:

-No more model / sound rips from me.
-No more interaction with the forums starting from tomorrow
-No more Super Smash Bros. Feud updates in my thread. Follow the above-mentioned GJ and / or Twitter accounts if you follow me mainly for SSBF.
-I won't be replying to DMs. But I won't turn them off in case.

I'll see you guys around, I hope. It's been a fun but wild ride. Godspeed everybody.

Nick W, aka. Kold-Virus/Tabuu Forte Akugun.
Developer of Super Smash Bros. Feud, and I like to consider myself a pretty decent, approachable guy! I will also call out BS and set you straight if you spread it. Rolleyes

I'm a Pepsiholic since 2010.
Bummer, man. Well, take care! Come back and visit!
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