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I've just figured out something that blowed up my mind
I was gonna start ripping the first stage from Aladdin on SNES. The first stage to be exact. I was confused on how I would load the top area of the stage, since you can't go there by normal means. But then I had an idea. What if I try to make a cheat code to manipulate the player's position. I opened ZSNES, and choosed the 2-bit, hex and comparative options. And bro, it worked. XD
I'm doubt that this is a new ripping thing, but I'm pretty happy about it because I didn't knew this was possible and I'll finally be able to rip complete stages independent if you can't acess a specific area.  Smile

So that's how you guys have been ripping big stages this whole time.  Wink
Just a random brazilian who likes to rip video game sprites as a hobby, specially SNES and GBA games.
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